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Monday, 31 January 2011

J16 update from Guy and Ed

Taking inspiration from Take That (Dai Rai’s favourite band), the Charlie, Neil, Guy and Sahib jumped in their multicultural quad and knuckled down to proverbial business. Under the iron fist and square blades of Miss Ferraro, the J16s were metaphorically whipped into shape. Miss Ferraro’s strong leadership had an immediate effect with Ed Hale picking up two pots early in the season at Kingston and Teddington while the quad posted up great times in the senior events. We were given strict orders from the top to stay fit over Christmas and not to become festively plump on pain of death.

Over Christmas while everyone was gorging themselves with mince pies and roast turkey, Ed was training relentlessly. Unfortunately for him, he chose skiing and due to his vulnerability to injury, his knee broke like a Lib-Dem promise. Leaving him hospitalised and forced to spend his days in misery playing halo, while being tormented at the thought of being incapable to train. Meanwhile the quad was lucky enough to have the privileges of training in sub zero temperatures and the skin piercing rain. The quad is looking forward to kicking the competition in their bow balls at Hampton Head. Prepare to have your new boatclub socks thoroughly rocked off!

By Guy & Ed, J16