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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Car Boot Sale + Quiz 2010

We had the first car boot sale on the school grounds on Saturday, making just over £1000 for the club! A massive thanks to all the teachers, parents and boys who turned up and did such a fantastic job at a crucial fundraising event. The next car boot sale is on Easter Sunday, and we can hope to make more money considering Saturday's sale was marred by rain.

Also, the TSBC quiz is on the 26th of March so keep that date free. 

That's all for now.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Rupert Price

I have just begun my second term of rowing at Robinson College Cambridge. I have already built up a reputation as 'the best rower in college' and 'making everyone else look bad'. Putting aside the fact that the majority of my team-mates only took up the sport 4 months ago, it is safe to assume that the experience I gained from my rowing at Tiffin has put me in good stead!

In recent years the College has not taken much silverware. This year, however things are looking to change. Along with my experience we have one of the lightweight coaches in our boat as well as a Canadian third year exchange who has experience and enthusiasm. 

Because of the narrowness of the river Cam the traditional races between colleges at the University are "bumps",   multiple "head" style races taking place over 4 consecutive days, where the only aim is to catch the preceding crew. If you achieve the "bump", you take that crews place in the starting order the next day, hoping to get to the "head" of the race.

The goal at the moment is to achieve 'blades' at the bumps racing at the end of both this term and the next. This means 'bumping' or overtaking a crew on each of the 4 days of racing.

Aside from racing, one of the great aspects of College Rowing is the social side. I now have several friends in second and third years, even a few postgraduates. Friends I wouldn't have, had I not been rowing. The balance between work and trainings has also been fine. I managed to get a first in our end of term test and have managed to keep on top of things all term long. I think rowing at Tiffin provided me with the organization skills necessary to make this possible.

Rupert Price
CoB 2009

Rupert (Bow), Nick Edwards (2) and Chizzle Harrison (Cox)
vs. Kingston Grammar School 2008

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Kingston Rowing Club Annual Dinner

On Saturday evening, both myself and George were invited to the Kingston Rowing Club dinner in Surbiton. We share our boat house with Kingston, a founding member of Remenham Club and one of the oldest rowing clubs in the world with a rich history stretching back over 150 years.

With a chance to rub shoulders with old Tiffinians who had rowed for the club, and to finally match a face to the eponymous name of David Biddulph, the evening was a massive success for the club and a testament to the strength of their members in their drive to put the club back on the map.

So, while they still may be a little bitter over their defeat to us at the HORR last year we can look forward to brushing shoulders and competing against each other on the river for many years to come.


Monday, 8 February 2010

Hampton Head - RESULTS

Results - Click Here

Not our best set of results from Hampton, but there were a few highlights over the weekend.

Ellie and Alice battled bravely over the course in their first outing in this combination since the Henley training weekend, and were the only girls crew representing Tiffin in the race. The Senior 4x were pushed into 6th place (separated from 2nd by just over 7 seconds) after only three sessions with each other and Richard's knees held together by only pritt-stick and duct tape. Jon Williams however proved unstoppable in the J18 single, ripping the field apart to win by 10 seconds!


After a long winter break, it was good to be back racing again. Now we are back at Kingston after an eventful couple of weeks on the Tideway, we can start to work the miles we have been denied by the conditions.

Our next race is School's Head and the National Junior Sculling Head over the 11th and 12th of March, followed by Kingston Head on the 20th.

Also, a big thank-you to everyone who turned out to cheer on the school on Saturday including the Head teacher!

Senior 4x-
Stroke: Alex Thomas 3: Jon Williams 2: Richard Clarke Bow: George Nottidge

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Hampton Head

The stream has appeared to have died down over the last few days, allowing us to retreat from the bumpy water in Putney and return to Kingston. Also it now looks like Hampton should be going ahead this weekend.

Those racing in Division 1, meet at 8am. Those in division 2 meet 10am. The trailer will be parked on Saddler's Rise near to the finish line.