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Monday, 30 November 2009

Kingston Small Boats Head

Well done to everyone who competed, on what was an extremely wet and windy day in Kingston. The winning Tiffin crews were from the following events:
  • J18 4X; Jono, Aaron, Greg, Josh
  • J18 1X; Jon
  • J16 2X; Jack & Nathan
  • J16 1X; Richard
  • IM3 1X; Michael Hannaford (coach)
  • J14 4X+
  • WJ18 1X; Ellie
Awesome set of results, and well done to everyone who competed!

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

River Conditions

The boards on the river Thames are now all Green, and it looks like KSBH should be going ahead.

Thames River Conditions

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Kingston Small Boats Head

This Saturday (21st) is the Kingston Small Boats Head. We have 17 entries in the race, meaning that Tiffin will be represented by a staggering 42 individuals out on the river!

The Headteacher will also be attending the race, and is keen to see how we get on in our first full race as a boatclub this season!

More details for boys and parents are to follow...

KRC Website

Fours Head

Despite the weather forecast signaling gale force winds and heavy rain, Tiffin set out for the tideway on the 14th of November. The Four's Head Of The River is held on the championship course from Mortlake to Putney, a 7.5 km race. Unfortunately, it soon became clear that conditions were not favorable, and the race was abandoned at 12.30 as the water whipped up and became un-rowable around Hammersmith. TSBC will be back next year for (hopefully) better weather! Thanks to Carol Cornell and Kristina Ferraro for all their help on the day, and Vesta Rowing Club for their hospitality.

Tiffin's crew consisted of Alex Thomas, Eddie Rolls, Arran Mornin and Jono Williams. Jonathan Williams (sr.) was racing in IM1 4x for Tideway Scullers School.