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Sunday, 25 July 2010

I thought I'd make a general notice covering some rowing terminology for parents as mine are still muddling up doubles and pairs.

The age group comes first and it's predominantly done in school years. the number is the maximum age of the rower in that year so someone may be 14 yet rowing as a J15 as they are in year 10.
J14 - year 9
J15 - year 10
J16 - year 11
J17 - lower sixth
J18 - upper sixth
Most of the time they will merge lower and upper sixth together under the category J which stands for Junior. Anyone can row in a category above them (i.e. a J14 rowing as J16) but you're not allowed to go down a year.

If entered at adult level a points system occurs making things harder. One win at adult level (not a J category) and it is one point. 1 pot, 1 point.
N - Novice - you cannot enter with 1 point
IM3 - Intermediate 3 - you cannot enter with 3 points
IM2 - Intermediate 2 - you cannot enter with 5 points
IM2 - Intermediate 1 - you cannot enter with 7 points
S - Senior - you cannot enter with 10 points
E - Elite - no limit

Here's a summery of the boat types and their respective symbols:













Coxed quad

Coxless quad

Coxless four

Coxed four

Eight (always coxed)

Octo (always coxed)

I hope this helps with understand what boats have been entered

House Regatta

As of every year with house regatta there was a a great spirit on a hot day. This house regatta had a few changes involved. This year saw girls involved in house regatta. It also saw J12s involved in their own division over a division racing over 250m. I apologise if I am seen to be taking sides as my house is the magnificent Scott.

We always talk about how great the integration with the girls school has been this year but to really show it within the boatclub the first girls pot EVER was handed out this year to Anna Porteous. Coxing the Senior quad winners, Scott, to a great win. This victory also marked the end of a 5 year domination for George and (big) Jonny for Scott in the quads category, as they are leaving this year they got the victory they deserved, which continued into the Senior singles, Jonny winning the 'A' category, and George winning the 'B'. However I realise it would be a little unfair just to mention the winners. Myles, always a great laugh, turned up to beat Daniel Teh in the first round and came 2nd to Jonny in the Final. Third place in that race was Mo Farwana, which in all honesty no one expected, we hope Mo will continue his rowing into sixth form. The 'B' event saw Sam McArdle beat Joel Nulsen for 2nd position, proving that it'll be tough competition at the start of next year.

To the Juniors. Where the quads raced with great skill in the final for Scott to just pip Raleigh. The junior singles was won by Ed Hale of Scott. Although the battle for second place saw Elliot Salmon come from behind after his trademark "my start wasn't very good" and beat Sahib to the line by a whisker. This again will provide an excellent challenge to form crews next year. The 'B' category was won by Raleigh, Charlie Harrison. The J15s have a great squad moving into next year where the game really steps up.


The end of house regatta saw Captain of boats announced which will not be easy for the coming year. However I believe that the right man has been chosen in the form of GREG STREET, well done

Kingston Regatta

A huge thank you to the mass support Tiffin received on both days. As I reached the enclosure and the shouting began it gave me the boost I needed to sprint the final 250m. If this continues into next year the crews will be delighted. Everybody gains confidence when they hear support for them.

As a brief round up to the weekend, Tiffin won three events, J12 doubles, J18 singles and J15+ quads so well done to those who gained a pot (in total 2 more victories than KGS).

Well done to all of the crews racing, there are too many to name and out of fear of forgetting one I won't list. We achieved countless wins in the heats and semis to reach the final many times only to be knocked out by a narrow margin. The unfortunate people who experienced this were; Anna in the WJ15 singles, Ed in the J15 singles, the other J12 double, Richard in the IM3 singles and the J14 A quad of Isaac, Jack P, Elias and Jack H, coxed by Thadius. These were absolutely fantastic results for many crews that have not raced much and so all should be proud!

My special mention goes to the J14 girls who raced. I was pleased to be able to cheer on the first J14 Tiffin girls doubles who rowed extremely well and I think that if they continue as they are, a win next year is almost definite. Huge congratulations to Gillian and Anika, Beni and Darcey for their great efforts and training recently. They shouldn’t be the only ones next year so hopefully we’ll have lots of girl crews racing at Kingston Regatta for the Tiffin Schools Boat Club!

To conclude, a massive well done to all people that raced; all winners, finalists and those that didn’t reach that far. It was a great 2 days with fantastic support from friends, parents and members of the club. Let’s keep up the good work going into the winter season and see how many pots we can add to our collections!!!

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Henley Royal Regatta

This event is the pinnacle of the year, with the best crews internationally competing for a title in the historic event. Tiffin participated in the quad divisions this year. Entering the senior quad in the Prince of Wales, for university and club crews. Also entering the school boys quad in Fawley, for under 19s into the qualifiers, held the Friday before the regatta begins.

Both crews are relatively new together but all hopes were high during training. The Senior quad had to be within the top 5 of the 15 wanting to qualify. After an intense 2112m race, they were 2 seconds off the pace and finished 9th in an event eventually won by Leander. The junior quad had their work cut out as 9 qualified out of 41. Unfortunately they were up against huge crews who had been together for the year, where as we were in our 2nd week of training together. A brave effort put them 29th. With a crew that can enter again next year.

Everyone had a great time watching and we hope that we can qualify next year as the regatta itself is a spectacle.