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Tuesday 11 October 2011

OK Row 2011

CONGRATULATIONS to all who completed the OK Row this weekend

Friday 23 September 2011

OK Row - 8th and 9th October

 As you all know by now we will once again be holding our biennial "OK" row on the weekend of the 8th and 9th of October. This is a row from Oxford city boat club all the way back to Teddington lock (O-K, Oxford to Kingston). The event is a great oppourtunity for all the club to get to know one another better and enjoy the great scenary and stretches of water that the thames has to offer, as well as raising much needed  funds for our boatclub. The row will involve:
 - 144 KM
 - 60 rowers
 - 31 locks
 - 7 stops
 - 6 quads
 - 2 buses
 and one common aim: to have fun.

 We hope that by now all competant rowers will have signed up and begun fundraising. We would appreciate if everyone set themselves a target of £75. Although this may seem like a large figure if you get a little from a lot of people it will add up! Our top fundraiser last time raised around £600, so the competition is on!
 As well as supporting out club in our endeavour to buy new boats to allow everyone a fair opportunity on the water, we will also be making a very substantial donation to a local charity which supports people with ME. For infromation on the disease please follow this link to the ME association:

Thanks to everyone for your support; parents, sponsors and rowers alike. We look forward to seeing you all in Oxford!


Tuesday 28 June 2011


The qualifying races for Henley took place last Friday 24th June. The school quad of Aaron Moran,Jack Claydon, Richard Clarke and Joel Nulson were flying the flag for TSBC. They had trained hardand having put in a strong and impressive performance at Marlow International the previousweekend were feeling confident.

The Fawley Cup is a popular event at Henley for junior quads so this year the fastest 8 crews outof the 61 entries were to qualify. It wasn’t the best of conditions with the rain persistent but theylooked strong along the 2112 metre course.

The results came and disappointment was written on all their faces. They came 18th out of 61which was a fantastic result given the stature of the crews from around the world competing. Theycan be nothing but proud of their achievements as they have certainly put TSBC out there as aserious contender.


Friday 1 April 2011

Tiffin Boat Club on a Cake

A very big thank you to all those who helped to bake, sell, buy and eat all the lovely cakes at Saturday's Kingston Head. We sold a staggering £270 worth!

All boys raced well putting out good performances across the board. Training and hard work throughout the winter season all showed through the 5 kilometre course the signalled the last head race of the year. A win in the J18 quad came with help from Sam McArdle's extra length on this occasion, subbing in for Jack, and the consistency Joel, Aaron and Greg have shown throughout the year was apparent. The J14 quad have been adamant that success in Tiffin Schools rowing does not have to come through the older years and picked themselves up a pot each for winning their category with outstanding rowing from Tom, Harris, Alberico, Hasan and coxed by Dudley. Tiffin go into their training camp on good form in preparation for the up and coming regatta season!


Friday 11 March 2011


We are planning to run a cake sale at the Kingston head on Saturday 26th March.

If you are able to help in any way. either on the stall or by baking cakes or biscuits that would be fantastic. Just let me know approx what times you can be there and we can set up a rota.
If cakes could be cut and wrapped in a saleable slice, that would help, and can be brought along in the morning or if easier can be brought to me on the Friday. Don’t forget to label any boxes that you want returning.

Thank you in advance for your culinary donations!

Sarah Clarke

Tuesday 1 February 2011


Every year, the GB junior squad hold a training camp in Nantes. After performing well at trials and winning Hampton Head, beating Windsor boys, a seat on the coach was reserved for me this year.
The week consisted of two sessions a day, and when the river froze over on day four, like amphibious ghouls, drained of any energy we once had, we took to the land for training. After two days on the water, racking up around 75 kilometres on the water, we were set a 30 minute test on the ergo. Naturally I took the corner erg, not wanting to show anyone else up. I expected to be somewhere near the back of the group, however I managed to break my PB by a fair margin, impressing the coaches in the process.
A great thing about doing a camp such as this is getting to know everyone, most of them I will be rowing with nearer the end of the year when they are looking at crew boats for the championships.
Last year all but two rowers that went to Nantes ended up competing for GB at the end of the year. Hopefully successful results at Trials on the 19th and 20th February will leave me in good stead for the World Championships held this year at Dorney Lake, Eton (some second rate school near Windsor). Obviously it’s a bit early to be buying tickets but if everything goes to plan, I’d like to think I have what it takes.

Richard Clarke

Monday 31 January 2011

J16 update from Guy and Ed

Taking inspiration from Take That (Dai Rai’s favourite band), the Charlie, Neil, Guy and Sahib jumped in their multicultural quad and knuckled down to proverbial business. Under the iron fist and square blades of Miss Ferraro, the J16s were metaphorically whipped into shape. Miss Ferraro’s strong leadership had an immediate effect with Ed Hale picking up two pots early in the season at Kingston and Teddington while the quad posted up great times in the senior events. We were given strict orders from the top to stay fit over Christmas and not to become festively plump on pain of death.

Over Christmas while everyone was gorging themselves with mince pies and roast turkey, Ed was training relentlessly. Unfortunately for him, he chose skiing and due to his vulnerability to injury, his knee broke like a Lib-Dem promise. Leaving him hospitalised and forced to spend his days in misery playing halo, while being tormented at the thought of being incapable to train. Meanwhile the quad was lucky enough to have the privileges of training in sub zero temperatures and the skin piercing rain. The quad is looking forward to kicking the competition in their bow balls at Hampton Head. Prepare to have your new boatclub socks thoroughly rocked off!

By Guy & Ed, J16

The Marlow Thames Valley Trial Head

CONGRATULATIONS to Richard Clarke who had a successful day at Thames Valley Trials head on Sunday. With his doubles partner Tom Eames from Tideway Scullers. Their time over the 1900m course was 7.06:25 beating second place by 10 seconds.

In the afternoon they were joined by Harry Lonergan and James Rudkin, also from Tideway, to win the J18 4x and with a time of 6.35:36, beat Windsor boys quad to the line by 7 seconds. Not only did they win the category and another medal but they also clocked up the fastest time of the day.

Well Done to you all!

Full results can be found on:

Training with World Class Start – Anna Porteus TSBC

Recently, I have been training at Molesey Boat Club under the watchful eye of Neasa Folan, who is an incredibly successful coach, having led numerous crews to victories at all abilities from club to international level.

Since being at Molesey, there has been a definite increase in the intensity of my programme and I am currently training 9 times a week. Having learnt lots of new aspects of the sport I never even knew existed before I feel I have progressed into a more competent rower.

With 7 World Class Start camps a year in Nottingham, these are times when you are required to perform, preparing you for the intensity needed at GB level and I feel that with every session undertaken, I am one step closer to achieving my aim of representing my country.

Anna Portlyeous

Wednesday 26 January 2011

Regatta Calendar 2011

30 APR CHISWICK (bank holiday w/e)
24 JUNE HRR QUALIFIERS (top quad only)